Ja’Ja Jik

The Ja’Ja Jik – Known in Common Tongue as “The Builders”, “Eladrin”, or “Gleefolk”

One of the more strange and archaic tribes of the Elven Nation, The Builders are composed of master craftspeople, rumored to carry generational techniques from long before the Dragon Wars and the Fall, and are said to be some of the more original elves in bloodline, sometimes referred to as ‘Eladrin’. They tend towards very lofty heights, thin builds, and look somewhat apart from other Elves of the Nation, having bright white or red hair and piercing faraway gazes. 

Though they are still nomadic by nature, they have invented collapsible shacks and huts that they carry by pack animal, often capable of erecting a small town overnight where they reside. They travel to civilization as needed, apprised for their knowledge of building materials and techniques, though they often ask a high price even for consultation, and do not part with their own proprietary designs easily. It is said that Keredet and many of the other City-States were designed by the Ja’Ja Jik.

They are easy allies with most of the Nation, though they have old grudges with the Glassblowers from a war nearly two generations past that nearly destroyed their tribe and bloodline over a pair of star-crossed lovers from each tribe that ran together against their elder’s wishes. This feud is known as The Cactus’ Thorn, due to the rare poison used by a desert cactus to whose antidote grows in the flower that blooms only once a year.

The most striking feature of the Builders is their relative anonymity. They rarely if ever use the Way, and of all the tribes, speak of themselves the most collectively. They do not have a single identity or way of identifying who is in charge. This is only accentuated by the pale white-blue painted masks they wear nearly constantly, removing it only to eat, drink, mate, and upon their death. Though they prefer to do these activities in private, they are more than fine showing their face in public, but it is done consciously. Many find unmasked Builders to be incredibly cold and crass, while those with the masks are often laconic, gentle, and even warm by comparison. Some say the Masks were gifts of the stars, and carry personalities of their own within them that confer to the one that wears it.

The Builders have their fingers in many pots, as they are quite useful to the Elven Nation, but rarely seek overt displays of power-mongering or acts of violence, often relying on allies to fight their battles for them.

The Builders are also known for their innate talent with music, singing, and instrument lutherie, carrying down generations of songs, lore, and tales of times before the Dragon Wars and the Fall, and are considered the de-facto ‘Lore Keepers’ of the Elven Nation. Many among them who are born with an inherent lack of talent with craft and building find themselves more attuned to song, dance, and storytelling. Though not an incredibly warm or friendly tribe with outsiders, they are commonly known as ‘Gleefolk’ when in civilization, due to the rarity of talented musicians, and the comfort, wisdom, and a moment of relaxation they often bring.

There have been rumors for many generations that some of the tribal elders of the Builders are near-immortal, having lived hundreds of years and aging only slowly. As it is difficult to tell who is an elder among them due to their masks and obfuscation, this has never been proven true. It is said that the blood of a Builder if mixed with wine, would give the drinker many years more of life and youth. Some of the darker minded tribes have experimented — it is unknown if they were successful.