Helpful commands

Here are some useful commands and tools to know in the game that may not be commonly known, just to help with quality of life and ease of access!


assess -v <target>Gives you more detailed information about a character, such as if they are in pain or not.
look contentsWill tell you how full the room that you are standing in is.
eat <item> allInstead of spamming ‘eat [item]’ repeatedly, you can eat the whole item. e.g eat steak all, instead of eat steak x3
change locdescTakes you to an OOC area where you can get scars/mutations.
whereWill show you where the current activity of players are in the world in the ‘zones’, being Blackwater, Rat’s Nest, Shetno, Elvish City, or the general wilderness.
stat skillsShows your guild/subguild available skills and branches.
key <item> room

key <item> <container>
Will allow you to see how many items of a specific keyword are either in the room or in the container you are looking at.  For example, if you ‘key black chest,’ it will come back with a list of all the black things in the chest.
sit with <target> Useful if there is more than one table in the room, and someone offers you to sit with them. This way, there are no mistakes!
count <item> <container>Counts the number of that keyword in the container.
snuff torch/glow/candleWill put it out.
look <target>’s <location>If you see someone with inking or scars on display, you can look at their body part, and it will show you the detail of them.
shake tentIf you see one pitched and people are inside, you can let them know by scaring them!
clean roomWhilst holding a broom, will clean up the room of any sawdust that is on the floor.
pour <container’> <weapon>Can wash poison from a weapon.


pull quiverIt will instantly draw and load an arrow from the quiver into your hand instead of needing to get an arrow quiver, ep arrow.
brief combatRemoves all ‘swing and miss’ combat blurb.  More so useful in groups.  Type it once to turn it on, and again, to turn it off.
throw <person> <direction>When subduing people, you can throw them out of the room!
behead <victim>Once something/someone is dead, you can use this command to behead them, and the head becomes a separate object.


AnalyzeA blessing for anyone who wants to know how things were made!  As long as you have the crafting skill to create the item and the correct skill level, it will show you how it was made.  Additionally, if you analyze any material, such as ‘a long bone’, you will get a list of all of the items you can make from it, with their skill, and the other ingredients needed to go with it.
Craft <item> for <person>When making things that require fitted sizes, e.g. clothing and armor, as long as the person is sitting in the same place as you, you can make the item for their size to fit them, taking their exact measurements.