The Carraka, or in common tongue, “Dream Walkers” or “Moon Elves”

“Listen to the shadow. It speaks in that moment between awakening and a deep sleep. It whispers of that secret knowledge, what some call Moon Words…”

–Carraka Elder to a youngling, overheard in the darkness

The Carraka are a nomadic tribe that often disappears from the Nation for weeks on end, only to return with treasures and spoils of war from parts unknown. Incredibly secretive, they are more than rumored to embrace the magic of Umbra and even the Void to accomplish their goals, though they do this in secret and away from prying eyes. 

Often given to strange rituals involving the viscera and blood of Gortoks, they are seen painted in dried blood from both fallen enemies and Gortok, commonly painting half of their face a deep red, and the other half a bright white pigment from ground, bleached bone. They have constantly been under threat from other tribes, most prominently from the Zafir Nez, but have somehow managed to survive, staying one step ahead of their raids and direct bloodshed for the most part. It is said they can walk through shadow when night falls, and many of their most vocal enemies are found in the early morning with a slit throat.

They revere the night and the moon, believing the world was hatched from the dream of the moon, and the Sun is the jealous brother, claiming ownership of the Moon’s child. They view each day and night as a war between these brothers and will burn their dead only in the presence of the moon. They rarely travel far during the day, believing it bad luck, and are rumored to have vision in the dark.

It is said that the elders of the tribe have learned the secret of ‘dream walking’, capable of entering other dreams and observing or manipulating them to do their bidding. The Carraka are held at arm’s length and often met with in secret if at all by many of the tribes of the Elven Nation.

Members of the tribe are often seen with teeth dyed a shade of purple from a type of berry they eat habitually to induce vision quests and more honestly for their own hedonistic pleasure.

How they View

The World – The Carraka view the world as the battleground of the Sun and the Moon, and that all people are allied with either the Sun or the Moon. They view themselves as the prime servants of the Moon, and most Elven tribes (with exception of the Zafir Nez and others who do not align with their interests). Almost fanatical in these beliefs, they will quickly come to believe a Caravan of innocents are ‘servants of the Sun’, justifying the brutal slaughter and repossession of their spoils.

The Nation – The Carraka were content with the tenants of the Nation, believing the unification would bring all elves closer to the Moon in the eternal battle. They can be incredibly gracious and giving to those who they believe (truly) are servants of the Moon, and are often known as gullible or easily tricked. However, a double-crossed Carraka will be twice as vengeful to those they found have tricked them, and they do not forget a grudge lightly.

Magick – The Carraka tolerate magick, and some even embrace it, leaning towards the powers of Umbra, and Void. Those that channel these powers often become elevated within the tribe. They tolerate the other elements with the obvious exception of Fire, knowing it as the direct power of the Sun, leading to mutual animosity with the Glassblowers.

The Carraka are currently CLOSED.