The Elven Nation of the Ebon Claw


The deserts, plains, steppes, and badlands are home to the elves, a long-limbed race of trading, raiding, thieving sprinters. Rumored to be one of the oldest races of the world, the desert has changed them, and they have embraced these changes without question. Running is key to acceptance and respect among elves. Elves who are injured and cannot run are often left to die. Elves in Apocalypse are inherently tribal and exist only within their respective tribes or groups.

After what they call ‘The Great Fall’, disparate tribes banded together under one banner and became known to themselves and to the world as the ‘Elven Nation’. Traveling the great plains and deserts, they bring trade, death, and a dose of hedonism in their wake. Tribes that were once mortal enemies are now butted up against one another, and tensions have not lessened, but facing possible extinction, survival has become the key focus of the Nation and those within it.

The ancient history of the Elf is greatly unknown by tribes existing today, with exception to the Ja’Ja’Jik, or the Builders, who are rumored to have bloodlines that tie back to the very formation of the race. Some say there are elves hundreds of years old within their ranks, protected with anonymity by the masks that they all choose to wear.

An elf who has been disbanded from their tribe is often left to die. In an elf’s mind, to be without a tribe is worse than death. For purposes of roleplaying elven characters, there is no such thing as a tribeless elf.



Those who live in exile from the Nation would be considered pariahs, even to themselves. Many tribes in the Nation do not even have the word for ‘I’ or ‘Mine’, only referring to the people as ‘we’ when trying to accomplish goals or set about daily tasks. To live in isolation is a fate worse than death, and many who are exiled simply wander the wastes until they are taken by the dangers there.