Shetno is a grimy port town abutting the Silt Sea, a small place where those who see a scrap of power almost always attempt to seize it for themselves. Might is genuinely the only governance the sandstone wall-encased settlement seems to have… with House Shaw, the single producer of silt skimmers and a mass producer of weapons, armors, and survival gear, being, at present, one of the most prominent bearers of such influence.

Because of this lawlessness, crime can be, and most oftentimes is, rampant, with many refusing to walk the streets alone for fear of muggings or worse.

The town itself has always been considered an odd place, the lack of law and the dominance of crime notwithstanding — many a mutant, magick wielder, and non-human, though held with some degree of disregard, can find and have found a modicum of success, so long as they’re willing to put in the work to get it done… and so long as they aren’t offensively mutated, murdering the townfolk, or striding into town with a pack of undead at their heels.

So, will you seize power for yourself? Go with the flow of the Silt Sea? Will you become a smuggler? Will you challenge House Shaw’s mercantile dominance?

Shetno can be whatever you want it to be, so crack its dusty maw open wide like a silt clam and make it your own!

Below you’ll find a simple map of Shetno and its points of interest. If you chose Shetno as your hometown, you can also use the directions command to find the following places:

  • Hooked Hand Bar
  • Water Seller
  • Market Square
  • Main Gate
  • Stables
  • Butcher