Karma is a measure of staff’s trust in a player to ensure that the expanded races and guilds of the game are played in accordance to documentations and expectations of staff.

Karma is carried across your account, meaning that if you earn karma on a particular character, it will carry over to your next and subsequent characters.

Karma is measured on a scale of 0-8 with new accounts starting at 0 karma. Karma is evaluated on a case by case basis by staff and is granted usually without notification. Players will often find they have more karma when applying for a new character.

Some things that will help a character obtain karma are, but not limited to consistent and accurate roleplay according to your character’s race, background, and world documentation. As a role-playing game, we strive ourselves in our ability to tell realistic stories using the game’s lore.

0 Karma

Guilds: Rogue, Warrior, Ranger, Assassin, Merchant
Races: Human Half-elf

1 Karma

Races: Elf

2 Karma

Races: Dwarf
Guilds: Water Elementalist, and Defensive Psionics

3 Karma

Races: Goliath
Guilds: Stone Elementalist, and Subterfuge Psionics

4 Karma

Races: Mul
Guilds: Fire Elementalist, Shadow Elementalist, and Utility Psionics

5 Karma

Guilds: Wind Elementalist, Lightning Elementalist, and Offensive Psionics

6 Karma

Guilds: Void Elementalist
Races: Thri-Kreen (Not yet available)

7 Karma

Guilds: Sorcerer

8 Karma

Guilds: Psionicist

Having karma for a role is not necessarily a requirement for you to play an extended guild or race. If you feel that you have the chops and would like to try out a race or guild above your Karma level, you may submit up to two special applications per year of any race and guild option. We will also entertain custom requests/abilities for normal characters, provided that they are easily able to be implemented into the game.

You can submit a special application by using our support tool.