In the world of Apocalypse MUD, psionics is a powerful ability possessed by many, but it is also a source of great fear and distrust. Those considered extremely advanced psionicists are viewed as too dangerous to be allowed to live, and are hunted down and killed on sight.

Psionics are natural abilities that exist in all living beings in Apocalypse MUD. It is the ability to use one’s mind to manipulate the world around them, whether through telekinesis, telepathy, or other mental skills. Most people have some level of psionic ability, but only a few possess a deep understanding and mastery.

Those considered advanced psionicists are the most powerful and feared of their kind. They possess a level of control and understanding that allows them to manipulate reality itself. They can move objects with a thought, read minds, and even alter memories. Their abilities are considered too dangerous to be allowed to exist unchecked.

The fear of an advanced psionicist is not unfounded. They have been known to use their abilities to dominate and control others, commit terrible acts of violence, and manipulate entire populations. In the wrong hands, their power can be catastrophic.

As a result, the ruling sorcerer king, Katpiar, declared advanced psionicists enemies of the state. His templars are tasked with hunting them down and killing them wherever they are found.

The decision to target full psionicists has not been without controversy. Some argue that it is unfair to condemn an entire group of people based on the actions of a few. Others claim that the real reason behind the persecution is to eliminate any potential threat to the sorcerer king’s power.

Regardless of the reasoning behind the policy, the hunt for full psionicists continues. Those with advanced psionic abilities are forced to hide their true nature, constantly fearing discovery. Many have fled the cities and live as outcasts in the wilderness, using their abilities only in secret.

As long as the sorcerer king’s edict stands, advanced psionicists will continue to be hunted and killed. Their abilities will remain hidden and feared, and the rift between those with advanced psionic skills and those without will continue to grow. The question remains: is the fear of psionics justified, or is it a result of ignorance and prejudice? Only time will tell.