ApocalypseMUD is first and foremost a RPI MUD — Defined as a ‘Role-play Intensive Multi-User Domain’. Roleplaying is a requirement and not opt-in and opt-out. There are no global communication channels or newbie channels. You will assume the identity and role of the PC (Player Character) you create. We are working on more documentation and information for your PC to use as guidelines for proper RP. Still, any questions as to proper play can be discussed publically on our discord server.

ApocalypseMUD is NOT a Hack and Slash MUD. You do not gain experience from killing NPCs (Non-Player Characters); there are no levels or NPCs with question marks over their heads to get quests from. An NPC should be treated as if they are a PC. Wishing up for interaction with an NPC can be appropriate, and killing an NPC may have similar consequences to killing a PC. Keep this in mind when interacting with the world. Wanton murder is acceptable as a game theme, but mindless killing machines are often reacted to harshly and swiftly by social groups at large.

Consent from all visible players in the room before pursuing adult (Rated R+) sexual or torture scenes is required at the beginning of every scene, including these themes. Someone in a scene may request that other participants ‘FTB’, or ‘Fade to Black,’ meaning the scene does occur, but off-camera, so to speak. If this is requested by another player, it must be followed and not superseded, even if all other PCs present do give consent. If a scene is not consented to (in the case of, for example, torture), the other PCs may instead kill that PC. If a player does not agree to an adult scene of violence or sexual themes, it should not be played out. Rape/Sexual Torture is not permitted as a pursued active plotline but can be a part of a character’s background (For example, someone who is/was a rapist but not someone who actively rapes).

For this reason, all players must be 18 years old or older.

Additionally, plots involving suicide or self-harm are not allowed.

Your living character may not have any connection to your dead or stored characters. This includes relationships, looting your dead character’s corpse, or possessing intimate knowledge that your past character had. We will reject any application establishing a link between the applying character and a dead character. After approval, we will store your character if we find that you are installing a connection to your dead characters. No revenge PCs are allowed, and those found to have been created to enact revenge on their previous PC’s killer/nemesis will be stored.

Sharing or discussing relevant in-game information via out-of-character means is discouraged. However, we understand that people will be excited and talk about the game and the fun stories they have created. We ask that SENSITIVE information is not given out freely, especially information that might ruin an area of the game world or ruin the surprise for someone. We trust you will use common sense to understand the distinction between fun plotlines from past PCs and possibly current and relevant information that can ruin the fun of other people.

Coordinating in-game actions or player groups via out-of-character means is discouraged. This means telling your friends to log in to save your PC or coordinating an attack out of the game on a player in the game. We highly encourage people to play the game itself and not form OOC cliques outside of it. Winning this game is highly subjective and likely impossible.

Multiplaying – the act of creating multiple accounts to have multiple living characters – is not allowed. Only one live character per player is allowed at a time. We ask this not to limit your playability or ability to have fun on multiple PCs. It can be challenging to keep information from one PC separate from another, and if every player had various PCs, it would dilute the shared story.

Botting – the act of running a script, client triggers, or some other function to automate your character’s actions completely – is not allowed.

Blatantly ignoring requests from Staff to adjust playstyle or RP standards will result in various degrees of disciplinary action. We are all adults here and ask that you play nicely in the sandbox as a Player, and we will do the same with you. Your character, on the other hand, can be as cruel, mean, and stubborn as you like.

Weave a story with your character, engage with the world and the PCs within it, and have fun! You can always feel free to ask questions on our Discord, and we will do our best to answer or clarify any of these rules.