Magick in Apocalypse is a fading practice with many of the old ways lost to time. However, there is a greater focus on the ordinary, with magickal plots kept to a minimum. Katpiar, the last of the sorcerer-kings, survives as the last known of his kind and has not been seen publicly since the great purge.

Sorcery is viewed as a lost art that few have witnessed, except for Katpiar’s templars, who use it to enforce their authority over the populace. In contrast, elemental magick is more common, with individuals receiving traits from elementals at birth. Some consider this a gift, while others consider it a curse.

In places with a templarate presence, like Keredet and Blackwater Harbor, Magick is restricted to areas out of the public eye, with anyone caught using it publicly considered a fool and subject to punishment by the templarate.

Mages in Keredet and Blackwater are forced to wear a gem around their neck to indicate their status as magick users. Rumors and speculation abound that these gems serve a more sinister purpose as Katpiar uses them to power himself and his templars.

Rogue mages exist, likely more than those who wear the gem, and they are considered illegal if found in Keredet or Blackwater. Sorcerers, on the other hand, are killed on sight as they are seen to pose a threat to Katpiar’s existence.