Dahn Fain

The Dahn Fain – Known in Common Tongue as “The Glassblowers” or “Children of the Sun”.

“The sun shines, the desert waits…There is work to be done. Gather the sand, dispel your crude thoughts as we shed impurity from a diamond.”

–A Glassblower preparing a mold for a new blade, instructing his apprentice

The Dahn Fain, or commonly known as the Glassblowers, is primarily focused on the craft of weapons and arms for the Nation. They also are some of the more visible traders seen in places like Keredet and Shetno, bringing their wares in a quick daytime bazaar they erect. There are often a handful of fire elementalists among them, the Ni’Dahn Fain, or ‘High Glassblowers’, who use their fire to turn sand into glass which is then fashioned into unique, deadly weaponry, valued by elf and human alike. Mortal enemies of the Carraka, they have an ambivalent peace with them under the Nation’s Banner and often skirmish with them until peace is called.

They too have legends and myths involving the Sun and the Moon but believe the Moon was a devilish piece of the Sun that broke free and brought shadow and night behind it. They believe instead of a battle, that the Sun constantly chases the Moon, attempting to reabsorb it and bring enlightenment and light to all the people of the world. Not often given to raiding or outright violence, they have other methods of dealing with those they believe are moving against them or the tribe, master manipulators, often convincing other tribes like the Zafir Nez to do their dirty work for them. Of all the tribes, they appear the most comfortable with common currency and dealing with humans of civilization.

Every Dahn Fain carries a unique glass blown sword at their side, calling it their ‘companion’. Each blade, though made from similar molds that hold the sand as it is superheated, is considered unique and given a name. It is slept with, at their side at all times, and to lose this blade is considered like losing one’s mother or son. The Dahn Fain will often hold ritual funerals for a blade that is broken or lost. A blade that is stolen enacts a blood vendetta for the one it was stolen from — They will not rest until the blade is returned to them or the one who has taken it pays for their crime in blood. This blood is often made into a new blade, typically a dagger, that is kept by that Dahn Fain until death.

The Dahn Fain are open for play.