What you know

If you’re here, you’ve spawned in the town of Shetno, a port on the Silt Sea.

It’s dingy, dirty, and without a true government at its head. The power belongs to those who take it, whether by force, or by subterfuge. It is a haven for all types, from the fat merchant and his entourage, right down to the destitute and desperate. Elves, humans, dwarves, and
breeds all mingle amongst its taverns, spice dens, and central market place. In a place like Shetno, it’s hard to find friends, but it’s easy to make enemies. The streets have no soldiers patrolling like the grand city of Keredet. There is no law. Fights and death are common on the streets. Yes, this is Shetno, and for now, it’s filled to the breaking point.

Quite recently, the silt bridge known as the High Road, that spanned the river that crosses between Shetno and Keredet, was destroyed. A True Giant, not seen for generations, returned from exile to enact revenge on Katpiar the Sorcerer King and his city of Keredet. Destroyed by the terrifying powers of the Templarate of Keredet, or maybe even Katpiar himself, the giant’s fall destroyed the High Road, its rotting corpse now mummifying and resting in grotesque repose in its ruin. All land travel between Shetno and Keredet came to a grinding halt. Those caught on either side of the river were stranded. Only the small port in Keredet via the sea of Silt allows trade to continue, thankfully, but only for goods back and forth from Shetno. No travel is allowed.

To make matters worse, it seems the Great Merchant House of Shaw has put a stop to all construction of skimmers except those in use by their own employees, bringing their goods from their great fortress on an island in the Silt Sea. Shaw is responsible for most exotic goods traded between Shetno and Keredet, and over time, they have singled themselves out, all other competition fading from existence. Now, since the silt bridge collapsed, they have withdrawn back into their fortress, content to wait, and watch.

Shetno is it for those caught on the east side of the river. Tribals, both human and elven, mingling with dwarves and the hated breeds unfortunate enough not to find shelter elsewhere. Folks from the city of Keredet have even found themselves sitting in taverns next to those they once called beneath them, giving fire to the tension that flows like a tangible river every day and night through this small port town.

Shetno resides within a silt delta from the great Silt Sea, its docks extending out onto the sea itself. In all other directions, the great desert spans out, filled with dune reapers, scrab, sandworms and other wildlife that are hunted for food or sport. Further north the desert breaks up with thorn lands on the western edge, leading into scrub and eventually grasslands. Mountains rise up to the north, filled with a forest that is known for its vicious man-eating halflings.

It would seem that the sorcerer-king Katpiar and the citizens of Keredet could care less. Word travels from those traders fortunate enough to find ferry on the skimmers, that the sorcerer-king, the last of his kind, is preoccupied with his own survival, without any time to spare for those outside his inner circle. Immortal, yet aging, the lucky King and his Templars rule Keredet through force, either physically or by magicks. The worry about the outside world and it’s problems fall on deaf ears.

Magick itself is waning, fading from its once great power into the subtle and mundane. The once-feared elements and fiends that roamed the desert of old are now all but gone from existence. While most magick is accepted by the world’s population, it is not without its consequences. Psionicists who use their powers to bend the mind and warp the thoughts of others are hunted and destroyed, as are any that think themselves ‘powerful’ and special.

The world is yours for the taking, regardless. Those with strong enough will, and strong enough allies, might potentially find themselves in a position of power and persuasion. Those with the right skill and the right mind, might rise above the rabble and the destitute, and make a name for themselves.

Will that be you?

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