Guilds in Apocalypse are a direct reflection of your character’s main talents and abilities. Guilds are typically a defining point of a character with each one able to select another sub-guild to complement their skillset.


Though not able to stand toe to toe with the likes of a trained warrior, rogues use their cunning, along with their adept ability at blade work, to often surprise and take down their enemies with the use of distractions and subtle mind games. They are skilled at avoiding detection when necessary and make a habit of finding and taking the most lucrative of prizes from unknowing merchants and citizens alike. Rogues often find employment with merchants or even the great noble houses, but sometimes the most hungry and cutthroat will settle for less and work for whoever simply pays the most.  Rogues are also known to be silver-tongued, their lies garnering them better deals in trades, or finding a way out of a tight spot, should they be unlucky.


Assassins are trained killers that work from the shadows, usually taking down their victims in secret, whether by blade or poison. Known about, but hardly seen, they are like ghosts that haunt those unlucky enough to find themselves under a contract of death. Assassins bear no loyalty except to the contract and the coin, often employed by the common and the Noble alike to get rid of those they find ‘in the way’. Silent and deadly, the killers of the dark are sought after, if you can find one.


Templars are the hands and feet of the Sorcerer King Katpiar, and enforce his will and law in the city of Keredet. Possessing skills in both magick and martial arts, they are cool, calculating, and only interested in their own gain, all in an attempt to garner more of the King’s favor. Templars are typically chosen from the wealthy families of Keredet early in childhood and spend their formative years under the tutelage of a Great Lord or Lady.

However, occasionally, even the common might be chosen to become a Templar, but the failure rate of such children is much higher than those of wealthy or noble birth, already labeled with the expectation to be a complete failure. Those that survive the trials and tribulations of serving as the King’s hands and feet, are often more brutal and unforgiving than their Noble counterparts, having endured much more in their ‘training’ that most commoners deal tolerate within a lifetime.


As the name might imply, Warriors, are adept in the skills of martial arts, from simple hand to hand combat, to wielding all sorts of weaponry. Warriors apply their talents in all forms, from the brute looking to make a name for himself, to soldiers of Keredet, and armed guards of merchants and Nobles. Warriors are experts in inflicting pain and can do so in a variety of ways, making them the most easily hireable of all trades. 


Sorcerers are wielders of arcane magicks, and in the days of old, were powerful beings who drew their knowledge from libraries of spellbooks and scrolls. Now, in the waning days of magick, most sorcerers find themselves untrained, learning as they go, drawing their power from the living and the elemental plane, rather than the spells and dragons of old. While the use of magick is widely accepted throughout the world, sorcerers, in particular, are feared and hunted, considered the most dangerous of those wielders still left in the world.

Sorcerers are permitted as special application roles only as we want to limit how many are in the game at any given time.


The ultimate survivalist. Rangers are natural hunters, deadly with a bow, or up close with spears when taking down prey. Rangers prefer the outdoors to that of walls and city life, finding their calling in the wild sands and scrublands, always on the hunt. Rangers are highly sought after by merchants needing the meat and hides they gather to make their clothing, jewelry, and other goods. Rangers are also adept and riding and finding their way through sandstorms, making them also valuable to caravans.


Merchants are the sellers and traders of the world and can come from just about any background, from the merchants of Keredet to the tribal merchants that trade goods from their own tents. Merchants are responsible for selling all types of goods, from jewelry and clothing to weapons and food. They are responsible for most of the world’s commerce, moving goods from city to tribe to port and back, with some reaping a lofty amount of coin and power in the process. Merchants are known for their craftsmanship and the ability to make nearly anything found in the world from the most basic of objects.

Fire Elementalist

Wielders of fire draw their ability for dealing agony from the elemental plane of Ignis. Fear, destruction, and torment are associated with this element. Ignis is known throughout the world, and in the times of greater magicks, could be found almost anywhere, save those deep, dark places that the great sun never touches. Those few who have aligned themselves with fire are in control of a very destructive force, able to scar entire lands and erase caravans from existence.

Fire Elementalists require 4 karma to play.

Water Elementalist

Those aligned with the elemental plane of Unda are providers of healing and relief, the life-giving water of the world flowing freely from their magicks. Health and life are associated with Unda, but it is not without its destructive capabilities. While water can restore life, it can also take it, filling the lungs of a victim and drowning them, or having the very water running through the veins evaporated in mere moments. With the waning of magick through the world, such killers are fewer and fewer, with those who wield the more mundane of Unda finding employ as healers within the militia, or among the many mercenary groups that dot the landscape.

Water Elementalists require 2 karma to play.

Wind Elementalist

The elemental plane of Ventus controls the very wind that blows across the world, able to kick up sandstorms without warning or move solid objects or even people from one place to another beyond their control. Wielders of such magick can clear their way through a storm, making them valuable to caravans, or toss an enemy halfway across the known, making them both dangerous, and highly sought after. While the magicks of the world have suffered in power, even the more mundane of elementalists can still control and alter the wind to their behest.

Wind Elementalists require 3 karma to play.

Stone Elementalist

Wielders of magick aligned with the elemental plane of Sten have an intimate relationship with the earth itself.  Drawing their power from the sand, soil, and rock, Stone Elementalists can perform great feats of strength, able to move large objects on a whim, or wrap their very flesh in a stone-like skin to protect themselves from harm. Those who can manage to master this element have been known to even create mounts made of rock and sand from the very ground they stand on. While the powers of magick have waned in recent times, even the mundane spells provide a lasting impression upon the earth, and upon those in tune with Sten.

Stone Elementalists require 2 karma to play

Shadow Elementalist

Imbued in shadow and night, the followers of the elemental plane of Umbra know nothing but darkness, their powers coming from the realm of shadow. Shadow Elementalists are able to make themselves unseen within dark shadows, moving like ghosts in the darkness to bring chaos to those in their way. Finding work as both assassins and spies, those who call the shadows their home are both valued and feared, most who wield such magicks having the very darkness that feeds their power, also consume their very being.

Shadow Elementalists require 3 karma to play.

Lightning Elementalist

Wielding the power of ancient storms, those aligned with the elemental plane of Fulgur have an electric touch, to say the least. Able to call forth storm clouds from a clear sky, these magick wielders can summon deadly bolts of lightning to rain down on their enemies, able to strike multiple targets at once. They can also use this power to supply light in dark places or find their way very quickly from one point to another, charged up with the power of pure unbridled energy.

Lightning Elementalists require 4 karma to play.

Void Elementalist

Often the most hated and distrusted of all magick wielders, those who are aligned with the elemental plane of Mors often find themselves hunted down, by both non-magickers and Elementalist alike. The very power of the void makes all other magick useless, negating another elementalist’s powers, and even able to turn such power against them. They can also cause damage through disruption, messing with the stability of their victims and throwing them off balance. The void is often associated with death with the most powerful of void elementalists able to control the balance of such.

Void Elementalists require 4 karma to play.


While all of the known wields some sort of psionic power, Psionicists have developed the power to not only listen into the mind of an intended victim, but they can also plant thoughts into that person’s mind, or even control it if they so desire. There are few people in the known world with limited psionic abilities who are typically treated better (psionic sub guilds), however, with those of these abilities, they are usually executed on the spot out of fear. Because of this, most tend to keep their knowledge secret, making use of it to spy upon others or inflict chaos and confusion at their whim.

Full Psionicists are by way of special application only as we want to limit how many are in the game at a given time.