Human Tribals

There are currently two coded tribes that humans (and maybe a sneaky breed) can join. Both have tribal locations in the world as a sort of ‘home base’ and are not required to travel to the cities.

The third option is to have a virtual tribe as part of your background.

Rokoros ay’La

The Rokoros ay’La have lived deep within their grove for the last six ages. Guided by a deep connection with nature, they live harmoniously with Athas, maintaining a delicate balance with the land to revive what is lost in the dying world by tending to it as they have their home. They assist life in growing and encourage the world to be lush and rich again, as seen by the few lucky outsiders who are ever granted entrance to their grove. The Rokoro are not just passive observers of their surroundings but actively engage with the land to ensure its prosperity. Their mages embark on journeys to terraform, shaping the terrain to create flourishing oases and enhancing soil fertility. Additionally, hunters among the tribe are tasked with tracking and confronting defilers, those who would harm the grove or disrupt its delicate balance. They are seen as adversaries to their way of life, and their elimination is considered a sacred duty.


The Tianji are a formerly nomadic tribe who historically herded Erdlu and Kank livestock across the Dal Bathra region. Numbering a few hundred individuals, the tribe is divided into two castes – the Tia warriors and crafters who revere their ancestors, and the Jar hunters and outdoorsmen who cherish nature in all forms.

Though the Tianji now primarily reside in the western Tirn Malthet grasses, where they have constructed a corral for their herds, discussions are underway regarding potential expansion. Ideas range from agricultural pursuits to building permanent structures to improve pathways between tents. Despite differing perspectives, the concept of “Maate” – a unified self through mind, body and spirit – remains a strong source of unity.

The Jar prize respect for prey by fully utilizing every part of a hunted animal’s body. Their crafts incorporate decorative green lacquer made from kank honey. The Tia worship their honorable forebears through jade weaponry and armor, adorned with the tribe’s native script. Their deep spirituality dictates structured rules and rituals in daily life.

Though the Tianji tend to keep to themselves, their innate psionic talents are an open secret amongst those familiar with the tribe. While expansion plans are still in early phases, establishing positive relations with groups like Blackwater would guarantee the safety required for such efforts.

The Tianji accept half-elves among their ranks, but prohibit elemental magic.