Primer on Elven gameplay

Introduction :

Elves are a fiercely proud race, believing themselves to be the ultimate, and strongest race, seeing all other races as lesser, beneath them and far weaker, for no other race can run as far or as fast, as an elf.

Elves are, and always have been, beings of the wilderness. Even the Nation, as large as it is, still embraces this, and has no stone buildings, since the destruction of the only tribe that was attempting to lead them too close to living like humans, the Nation only pavilions and tents. Their Nation has scant protection from the lands, as they have a deeply rooted bond with land, and no one in their right mind would pick a fight with the elves.

Elven view on other settlements :

No elf would be willing to, or feel comfortable, in spending a long period of time within the suffocating walls of either Blackwater or Shetno, ensuring that when they do have to go in to them, they can see the sky, and only venture in to taverns for brief stints at a time.

They will quite happily sneak in to buildings, if only to rob them, a quick grab and go, but, no elf would willingly sit within a building for longer than absolutely needed, as they would start to feel enclosed, suffocated, panicked, and more so, cut off from the land and everything they are as people.

Because of their deeply rooted connection with their heritage and the land, they will only venture to human settlements, briefly, to trade, make contacts, or in some cases, rob.

Relations :

Elves, whilst being tricky and manipulative to the world, are fiercely loyal to their own tribe, and develop loose friendships with others of the Nation, often hunting, training and running together.

Cross tribe dalliances happen frequently, having been living in such close quarters to one another. Monogamy is not so much of a popular thing with elves, however when a pair decide to mate, whether it be from the same tribe, or cross tribe, they all hold the same name to mating, which is ‘Danma’.
Taking a Danma is for a determined period of time for the couple, usually a year or two at first, and is mainly to produce children. However, taking a Danma can also be done because of heart bonds. The mother will always be the dominate blood of all tribes, meaning that whichever tribe that the mother is, is what tribe the child will be born as part of.

An elf would feel sick to their stomach at the very thought of laying with another race, more so, humans. Despite that some accidents happen, the participation of a union that could bring a breed into the world, mixed blood, is a vile act and is viewed heavily as such. Whilst some of the tribes of the Nation may tolerate breeds within their camps confines, they are not ever treated as equal, they will always know that they are lesser, and they were created of a foul union, that was never one of love, but one of disgust. Only a depraved and ill-minded elf would find physical relations outside of their race, and they may find themselves shunned by their kin if such actions were known.

Mages (non Nation magick users) :

Magick users from outside of the Nation, or any kind, would be avoided at any cost at all, unless the elves in question are killing it. Witches cannot be trusted in any capacity, seeing them as a curse upon the lands, and no worse than defilers, even if they ‘seem’ nice, or ‘do good’, elves will always see them as creatures to avoid or destroy, there is no in between. After coming into any close contact with them, they will spend days with their tribes shamans being cleansed from fear of their foulness having infected them.

The tribes of the Nation will tolerate those of magicks within their folds, having known that those that show magick have undergone the Nations trials to ensure they are no danger to elves or Athas, that they can control their abilities, and that they only use them for what benefits the tribes they are from. An elf that wields magick will NEVER use their magick in aggression towards another elf, for any reason, but they will use it to hunt non elven magick users, which they consider unstable, because again, no race is better than the elf. This being said, they will generally leave other races tribes magick users alone, rogue and gemmed however they will avoid or kill, with no inbetween.

Mounts and Vehicles :

Elves will not on any condition use any mode of transport other than their own feet. This is one of the very strictest parts of elven role play, it does not matter if it is even for a moment, an elf will NEVER go near a mount (other than to drag it along behind them as a pack beast), nor will they ever step foot upon a moving wagon or skimmer. Even the Bilge tavern in Blackwater makes elves feel incredibly uncomfortable as it is technically a skimmer that is bobbing up and down on the silt, and will make elves very aware they do not have solid ground under their feet.

War :

Any declaration of war, be it from the tribe, or the Nation, will only and can only come directly from the Elders of the tribes. If war is declared upon the Nation or a specific tribe, the Elders of said tribe or the Nation will meet and discuss how best to go forward.