Clan Specialities

Every clan has a speciality that they alone can provide to the world. This means that the clan can only have clan locked items custom crafted into that niche, anything else would be considered a world craft. Accompanying this, some niches may get perks, such as Merchant House Shaw’s weapons and armor are going to be better than world crafts, because they hold the niche. Player made clans are also allowed to pick a niche that hasn’t already been claimed when starting their company. Below is a list of current clans and their specialities.


Merchant House Shaw – Weapons, armor and silt skimmers.
Merchant House Orinax – Fine cuisine and sweet wines, pointed more so at nobility/parties.
Merchant House Mida – Exotic mounts and woodwork, primarily furniture.
Noble House Behcaris – Banking.
Noble House Kisomar – Spice.


Rokoros ay’la – Anything made from their satin.
Dahn Fain – Anything made from their glass.
Nebbi Conto – Anything made with their resin.
Brotherhood – Criminal items.


Iron Jozhal Trading Company – Fine Clothing.
Kranah Supply – Desert Survival gear.