Player made clans

Upon registering a company name you will be set up with a coded clan that you can hire/promote/demote people in and out of the clan, as well as setting up ranks within the clan. This will also allow you to create custom crafts in your companys niche, locked to your new clan. You will also gain a company bank account.

FOR BLACKWATER – There are warehouses available to rent in the harbor, you will need to have one of these when starting your company. If there are none available please put in a ticket and we will have one added along warehouse row.

FOR SHETNO – Upon the company being created you will pay the first months rent and tax and be given a one room building in Shetno, you will need to request this in the ticket you open asking to register your company.

Upon registering a company, tax will be added to your rent which is to pay your dues for having said company trading out of that location.

The rent on warehouses for registered businesses are 3000 per term (2 Real life weeks) 2500 for the rental, and 500 for tax.

Room expansions for either location will cost a one off of 25,000 per room, your rent will also go up 1000 for each room you have added, you can only add 1 room per IG year.

Once you have 20 custom crafts clan locked to your business you can apply to have a stall that will be set in the market of your warehouse location, with a hired seller that will trade a selection of your clan goods, whichever you decide you would like for them to sell. This will cost 20,000 to cover for lifetime hire of the seller in question.

Once you have reached 3 extra rooms in your building, (making 4 total), and have a stall in the city/town of residence, you can apply to be considered for Merchant House status. This will also require a payment of 50,000 to the location of your business (Blackwater or Shetno), and you will be required to provide a certain amount of materials towards the construction of your compound. You will also be required to have a recommendation from a noble or templar that will put you forward to Keredet for the elevation. This can be done by staff animated or player played nobles/templars, depending on your availability and playtimes with those that are currently played at the time.

Merchant House compounds will come equipped with their own stables, bunk room, storage room, workshop, courtyard, private office and kitchen, complete with a cook and water supply, along with one NPC guard.