Noble Houses

House Vergameth

House Vergameth rose to power from the foundations of trading in odd trinkets, being the ‘go to’ place for far more esteemed nobles who wanted certain things but did not wish to dirty their hands with the acquiring of such. While this may seem unfavorable for some, for those of noble blood, House Vergameth went above and beyond their niche in the world, becoming the first noble House to make friends with House Behcaris, the bankers, making both sides incredibly wealthy.  They have excelled beyond the belief of many to be the strong and unwavering power of trade that they are today. 

They are visually pinpointed by their gold and black colors and their sigil of a slightly opened door with a Katpiar coin on it.

House Kisomar

House Kisomar is one of the most prominent noble houses in Athas, if not the most prominent. It has lavish holdings in Blackwater and Shetno and is always seeking to extend its reach further. It is known for its control over the spice trade, as well as those within being avid researchers and scholars. The great library of Kisomar is unrivalled in comparison to others. They also share a good relationship with House Behcaris, whom they have an agreement of finances with.

They are visually pinpointed by their colors of green and their sigil of an open vine laced tome, with symbols across it.